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Vegan Egg Salad

February 20, 2018

You either love it - or - you hate it! And if you haven't heard about Indian Black Salt yet...well my oh my,  you are missing out! I've been pretty bummed out lately by my lunch cravings and lack thereof. But suddenly I had the hankering for egg salad, something I haven't had in years. Probably 5 years to be exact. There's something about it, whether its the tang, the stank, the texture, I just love it. While scrolling through instagram a few weeks ago, I came across a vegan version of this salad - it called for firm tofu. So I figured - that is easy enough....and it's also packed with protein too! This salad can be made in a pinch, or let it sit in the refrigerator overnight to really marinate the flavors. Either way, it's a solid choice!



Vegan. gluten-free. sugar-free


Serves 2
Time: 10 minutes 

Materials needed: Bowl and fork


1/2 block cold firm tofu, scrambled using your hands or fork

1 tbsp. yellow mustard
1/2 lemon, juiced

2 tbsp. vegan mayo (or use Wildwood garlic aioli & withhold);

1/2 tsp. garlic powder

2 tbsp. dill pickles, chopped fine (or sub. sweet relish)

1/4 tsp. celery seed 

1/8 tsp. black pepper

1/8-1/4 tsp. Indian black salt*


In a small bowl, combine all the ingredients until well scrambled and mashed - keeping the tofu chunks relatively small but not too large (see picture) Once you've finished, set aside and garnish with paprika, serve immediately or refrigerate to consume later! I toasted a gluten-free english muffin (use the bread you prefer!) and topped with romaine lettuce. 


*Indian black salt is a must-have ingredient

Nutritional Highlights: Indian black salt is considered a cooling spice in Ayurvedic medicine, which supposedly helps constipation, indigestion, bloating, poor eyesight and heartburn. It's often used in vegan cooking to mimic the taste of eggs in either tofu scrambles or vegetarian dishes. Tofu scramble is a healthy alternative to eggs which shares near equal values of protein. Eggs are one of the leading causes of type II diabetes, heart disease, and many other diseases of affluence. 

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