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Carrot Zinger

June 5, 2018

My favorite juice of all time, the carrot zinger.

The sweetness from the carrots, and the zip from the fresh ginger root really puts a pep in your step. Drinking this juice is equivalent to drinking sunshine. It just makes you happy - and - it tastes just like Summer. I like adding fresh turmeric root as well for the added health benefits (plus, it also makes the juice neon orange!) 



This juice doesn't only tastes great, but there's a lot of good things going on it it. Turmeric root is a powerful anti-inflammatory, many people who suffer from arthritis or frequent headaches swear by consuming it, whether that's in supplement form or juice. Turmeric root contains anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties. It protects skin health, preserves bone health, and helps regulate your immune system. But be warned, when juicing fresh turmeric root it can easily stain your counter tops and be sure to 1. have a towel handy, and 2. make this juice naked. Joking. But you get the idea.

Equipment recommend: High-power juicer; I currently use a Breville 

Serves 1-2
1 lrg granny smith Apple
4 lrg Carrots
3" piece fresh Ginger Root
1/4 c. fresh Turmeric Root

1 Lemon, peeled 

Wash all your ingredients, but feel free to keep your ginger and turmeric skins "on." Cut your apple down into smaller pieces, remove tops from carrots (but add to juice if you'd like!), and peel your lemon of its rind (use in cocktails?) Time to show that juicer who's boss...!


Serve over ice - and - consume immediately. Do you feel the Summer? 





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