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Ahimi® - Vegan Sushi

July 25, 2018

 Ocean Huggers Food has been teasing the vegan community for many, many months now. Now that their ahimi "tomato" sushi is being sold at 40+ Whole Foods nationwide, it's time for a review! 

Luckily I was able to get my hands on these popular sushi's...they sellout nearly every day they are restocked! Not even joking... I just happened to be at Whole Foods at the right time, which never happens! But for those of you who are eager to indulge, try getting to your local Whole Foods early - beat the lunch crowd!


"Ahimi® is a healthy, safe, raw Ahi without the tuna. Made from tomatoes and a few simple ingredients, this clean cuisine offers all the taste without harming our oceans." You might be asking yourself, tomato and sushi? Trust me on this, the taste is impeccable. If you're a former seafood lover you will appreciate the true talent that went into creating such a unique food; the texture and taste is pretty spot on, neither fishy, nor chewy, but perfectly sea-like in flavor. Not only is this a great option for vegans, but pregnant ladies... rejoice! You can now have a baby and eat your sushi too. Free of mercury, PCB's and many other toxic chemicals and pesticides (found in wild and farmed fish), it's a safe and healthier option for our bodies and keeps our ocean species from extinction


I suggest making this sushi an appetizer for your next get-together, or if you're simply in a rush, make it a's quick and convenient. However, the price point is relatively high in comparison to other vegetarian, vegan sushi, but with that said, the added efforts and uniqueness is worth the extra dollar or two (in my opinion) may not be an everyday sushi, but it's definitely one worth trying and serving for special occasions. 


To learn more about the developments taking place at Ocean Huggers Food, click here

If you happen to give this sushi a try, let me know what you think in the comments!


Note: Ahimi sushi is not entirely gluten-free, the rolls contain small amounts of soy sauce. 

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