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Veganism, defined.

June 5, 2018

Good morning everyone (well, afternoon by the time I finished this), welcome to Tuesday. The weather here in Seattle is trying to be sunny, but you know how that goes...Seattle never truly gets a Summer until after 4th of July, so I'm trying to be patient! Anyway - besides the lack luster weather, today I am sharing my first "blog" grab your coffee, tea, or beverage of choice (wine, it's never too early, right?) and get comfy! 

Veganism, defined. There are a lot of misconceptions about veganism, but there are also a lot of misunderstood concepts. Most commonly, when the average person hears the word "vegan," they don't automatically think of the animals or the environment, they think "hippie," "pretentious," and might even result to "they are just picky eaters." I confess, I used to be one of these people, because not eating animals and saying no to cheese? Well, that's just crazy. Whether you are vegan or prefer to call yourself "plant-based," or your just interested in simply incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet, I welcome you - all of you. Veganism is not just a diet - it's truly a lifestyle I try to live by. I won't say I'm perfect (far from it) but veganism, according to me, is about doing the best we can for ourselves, the animals, and our planet in any given situation. If we fail from time to time, that's okay too, but if we are actively trying to live compassionately and do our very best, that is true meaning of veganism. By minimizing our impact on the World and saving the lives of billions of animals, we truly can make a difference in more ways than one.
However you came to veganism, plant-based eating, I'm glad you're here. If you are interested in learning more and potentially changing your life, I'm glad you're too. A lot of people turn to veganism for the health benefits. By incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and legumes in your diet, and less amount of animals and their byproducts, people become mentally, physically, and even spiritually healthier. As a disclaimer, if you are currently under a doctors care, please consult with them before changing your diet. Certain medications and/or treatments require different intakes of food. That said, the majority of people stand a chance of feeling better, healthier, and even younger. You don't have to go "cold-turkey" and give up on meat and animal byproducts - I wouldn't even suggest doing that - the failure rating of doing so is far too high and the expectation is unreasonable. The best way to start incorporating more plants into your diet is by simply doing just that, incorporate them. Make them the main dish and let your sides be your animal-based products. Go slowly, but be consistent... There's no such thing as cheat days, so just go at your own pace. Veganism is so much more than what you eat - it's how you consume in more ways than you think. I encourage each of you to watch a couple of educational documentaries. Nothing is more powerful than the pursuit of knowledge.

Documentaries on Netflix:
What the Health - Health, food based, environmental impact
Cowspiracy - Environmental impact 
Food that Matters - Food based
Plant Pure Nation - Health, food based

These are just a couple of documentaries I've enjoyed over the years. They are a great starting point; to learn and understand what drives the plant-based, vegan lifestyle. One thing I know for sure, this isn't a fad diet - this is everything but. You will loose weight, you will be healthier, and you'll be able to sustain that for the rest of your life. I'm excited to support you on this journey, no matter how deep you go. 


True veganism is constant, you start and end your day with empathy. There is nothing pretentious about choosing to live your life compassionately.



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